Musicfest Texas Performance Guidelines

Who May Participate
Musicfest Texas is open to Middle School/Junior High School and High School age:

  • Concert Band
  • Full Orchestra
  • String Orchestra
  • Mixed Choir
  • Men's Choir
  • Women's Choir

Classification of Performing Groups


High School with enrollment 2100+


High Schools with enrollment 1060-2099


High Schools with enrollment 465-1059


High Schools with enrollment 220-464


High Schools with enrollment 105-219


High Schools with enrollment 104.9 and below


Middle Schools with enrollment of 650+


Middle Schools with enrollment of 250-649


Middle Schools with enrollment to 249

High School; Students Grade 9-12
Middle School; Students Grade 6-9

Performance Times

Instrumental Ensembles:
All Musicfest Texas Instrumental ensembles will be given 30 minutes to warm-up in the designated warm-up area. Each ensemble will then have a total of 45 minutes to enter the stage, set-up, perform and exit.

Choral Ensembles
All Musicfest Texas Choral ensembles will be given 30 minutes to warm-up in the designated warm-up area. Each ensemble will then have a total of 30 minutes to enter the stage, set-up, perform and exit.

To Reserve Performance Space

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Music Requirements

Musicfest Texas has no required music. Selections are at the discretion of the director. Each ensemble can perform 1 warm-up selection, followed by 2 adjudicated selections. The adjudicators will not score the warm-up selection. The Director must furnish three sets of original scores, with numbered measures for the adjudicated selections. Photocopied scores are not accepted unless you have written permission from the publisher.

Equipment Provided
Musicfest Texas provides the following equipment:


Warm-Up: Chairs, stands and tuned piano

Performance: Chairs, Stands, Tuned Piano, Four (4) microphones, Podium, Four (4) Timpani, Xylophone, Chimes, and Concert Bass Drum. You are required to provide your own mallets, etc. for the percussion equipment provided.


Warm-Up: Tuned Piano and Music Stand for Conductor

Performance: Three-Step Choral Risers, Tuned Piano, Four (4) microphones, Podium and Conductor's Stand.


Musicfest Texas ensembles may choose from two adjudication options:

  • Competition (Rating and Ranking)
  • Non-Competitive (Rating Only)


The Awards presented by Musicfest Texas provide an incentive for students in performing organizations to strive for excellence in their performance. As a reward for these efforts, distinctive plaques will be presented to all ensembles receiving a Superior Rating. These Awards will be shipped to each schools following the festival.

Organizations electing to Compete will be eligible for our Sweepstakes Awards. Sweepstakes Awards will be given to the highest scoring ensemble by Class. There must be at least 2 ensembles in a division for an Sweepstakes Award to be chosen.


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