Choral Festival

The fun-filled music festival for concert choirs!

May 16 & 23, 2014

Music Festival For High School, Junior High, Middle School and Elementary Choirs


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What You Should Know Before You Go

Who May Participate
The festival is open to elementary, middle school, junior and senior high school men's, mixed, treble and women's choirs. Please, no show choirs.

Performance Times
Groups will have 15 minutes to warm-up and 15 minutes to perform. Total time on stage must not exceed 30 minutes.

Groups will perform between 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Each group should arrive at the park and register at least one hour before their scheduled performance time. Upon arrival, directors should register at the registration table located near the front gate. Final instructions and an escort will be assigned.

During the performance, each group may perform two selections of contrasting style, an optional warm-up may be performed not to exceed three minutes in length.

Performance Facilities
Festival performances will take place at the Jack Aldrich Theatre. Performances will include a total of 30 minutes on-stage. Groups have 15 minutes to warm-up and 15 minutes to perform. Total time on stage must not exceed 30 minutes.

Music Requirements
Selections are at the discretion of the director. The ensemble director will supply two (2) sets of original scores for the adjudicated selections. Due to liability and insurance, Cedar Point cannot grant special requests for electrical and lighting needs during performances.

There are no special dress requirements.
Each director must decide what is appropriate.
Dressing facilities are NOT available.

Refunds and Cancellations

If you are utilizing a travel planner, please refer to their information for cancellation guidelines.

In the event it is necessary for a school to withdraw from the Cedar Point Choral Festival, a full refund will be issued if cancellation is received at least 30 days before the scheduled festival date. Cancellation must be submitted via our website.

Any group that cancels less than 30 days before the festival, but more than 15 days before will be charged a $100 cancellation penalty.

Any group that cancels less than 15 days before the event forfeits all payments made to the Cedar Point Choral Festival.

If web cancellation is not received according to these guidelines, all applicable cancellation penalties will apply.

Important Notice
If no payment has been received by the 30-Day payment deadline, your reservation will be canceled and your groups will be dropped from the festival schedule.

Please note:
This policy remains in effect regardless of sudden School Board policy changes or world events. Such circumstances do not negate this policy.

Equipment Provided
Equipment provided by Educational Programs Network at the festival site:

  • Microphone
  • Piano
  • Step choral risers
  • CD Playback for pre-recorded accompaniment

We ask that you use the equipment provided. Please do not bring any equipment you cannot carry. No setup crew will be provided.

Each school will receive a participation award. The award, score sheets and adjudicator comments will be given to each group immediately after their performance.

Festival Fees
Student fees include adjudication fee and admission to the park. All tickets must be purchased through the festival office.





Cedar Point Season Pass Holder (Student Performer)


2nd Day Park Admission
Meal Voucher


Meal Voucher Information
The meal voucher can be redeemed at numerous restaurants throughout Cedar Point. Your meal choices are:
Please note, these options are based on the 2013 offerings and are subject to change.

  • Double Dogs Meal
    Two regular hot dogs, potato chips and a regular soft drink

  • Cheeseburger Basket Meal
    Cheeseburger, Fries and a regular soft drink

  • Personal Pizza Meal
    Personal size pizza and a regular soft drink

  • Chicken Fingers Basket Meal
    Chicken Fingers, fries and a regular soft drink

Park Information
To view detailed park information please click here.

Once You're at the Festival

Schedule of the Day's Activities
Upon arrival, directors should proceed to Cedar Point Choral Festival registration table located at the entrance to the park. Upon arrival, instructions will be given and warm-up/performance times confirmed. Fifteen minutes prior to warm-up, groups will meet their escort in front of the Jack Aldrich Theatre. Groups will have 30 minutes on-stage to enter, warm-up, perform and exit the hall. Your adjudicator score sheets, recorded comments and participation plaque will be available following your performance at the festival registration area. After performances, groups can continue to enjoy the park for the remainder of the day.

Remember to have two (2) sets of original scores, (not photocopied scores) with measures numbered consecutively.
Your Conductors's Scores, Written Comments and Participation Award will be available immediately after your performance.

To Register

Step 1. Follow the link below to our Reservation page. Select the Cedar Point Choral Festival from the drop down provided. Select your desired festival date then click on the "Reserve" button. When prompted, log in to your FestivalsEdge account and then follow the prompts to complete your reservation.

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Step 2. Ticket orders will be submitted through our website. Finalize your ticket totals in your FestivalsEdge account and submit payment 30 days before your festival. Groups not submitting payment will be dropped from participation. You can continue to adjust your ticket totals until 10 days before the festival. Refunds for any individual cancellations made by the 10 day deadline will be issued after the festival.

Payment Authorization Form

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